Sin #1: Browned Butter

My family’s New Years Day food tradition is to have cabbage and black-eyed peas to assure good fortune for the New Year. Some people do greens, but it was always cabbage at our house. So, I cooked the “standards” for dinner.  But for breakfast I’ve made my own tradition. Alright it’s just a really good excuse to always have this incredibly simple fantastic dish, browned butter with sage over boiled eggs.

browned butter sage eggs

In full disclosure I have to credit my friend, Karen for introducing this dish to me a few years ago. Thanks, ma’am!!!

Browning the butter is the most important part. I use my nonstick skillet and stir the butter pretty much constantly while it is browning over medium high.

foaming butter

Measurements are pretty much up to you depending on how many eggs you are covering. My hint, make more than you think you will need. First, because the melted butter will be less than you might think. Second, because once you taste it you are going to want as much of it as you can get. Keep stirring the butter and it will slowly start to change color. You are looking for an amber hue. It may be difficult to see, because right about this time is when the butter foams up.

browned butter

Now is the time to throw in the chopped sage. Stir it in and let it get crisp. Be prepared for the sage to pop and splatter a bit. Here is the MOST important part, DO NOT LET THE BUTTER BURN. I like to cut my eggs into wedges (8 per egg) to have more surface area to hold that heavenly butter and this needs to be done ahead of time. Drizzle the butter and sage over the egg wedges and try your very best not to say, “Oh My God” after that first bite!

Let’s eat!

New year, new project


This project has been rolling around in my head for quite a while and it is just time to get it out into the world. As I said my friends call me the Food Devil because I tempt them with all manner of munchie goodness. Whether it be some amazing restaurant find or a terrific recipe they know I will never steer them wrong. I’ll do my best to do the same here. The main goal I have is to show how easy it is to have delicious food that is simple to make.

There will be recipes, stories, restaurant recommendations, equipment suggestions, guest articles, tons of useless information and of course, photos. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, make requests, you get the idea. And if you want to contribute a guest article just contact me.

Okay, let’s eat!